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Rwanda Lake Kivu - Karengara Washing Station

RM35.00 MYR

Lake Kivu is one of the largest growing locations for coffee beans. The Karengara washing station is situated on the South West of the lake. Situate at an altitude of around 1650 masl, the rich soil on the Karengara farm produces fantastic specialty coffee beans. If you had thought that Ethiopian beans is something, the Rwandan beans has its own distinctive taste notes, creamy body accompanied with tropical fruits with a clean cup. 

Have you ever tasted white strawberry? Red strawberry has a very acidic notes, but the white strawberry is on the other hand a complete opposite of the red strawberry. It taste more like a ripe pineapple. This coffee produces a distinctive white strawberry flavor with a combination of mild ferment fruit (sugar fermentation).

If you have never tried white strawberry before, we could compare it with the taste of Pisang Salai (smoked plantain). The sweetness of the cup mimics the taste of the the smoked plantain. If done right, Pisang Salai is not smokey, as the banana skin will still be intact during the smoking process. 

The coffee has good body with a very clean after taste. It is creamy with mild malic acidity. In short, the combination of Pisang Salai, mild malic and creamy yogurty like taste.

The Karengara farms is a consistent winner of the Rwandan Cup of Excellence for its sweet and complex profiles. 

Rwandan Bourbon Karengara coffee bean is indeed an excellent specialty coffee.

Varietals - Bourbon

Process - Natural

Producers - Karengara Farm

Farm Location - South West of Lake Kivu

Brewing Method  

V60 - 1:16 - 16.5 temperature - 92-93c. 


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