Raja Harimau Lintong

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The name Raja Harimau Lintong is the name that is given to this coffee by our coffee trader. Sumatran Tiger is an endangered species, this coffee is a rare find among coffee growers in the Sumatran or specifically in Lintong. Lintong is a province in North Sumatra where coffee is grown at a high in volume however, it can be challenging to find a classic Sumatran coffee with the combination of high amount of smoky, tobacco-is and herby note that remind us what Lintong or Mandheling coffee is all about without even have to push the roast profile to the dark end.

This coffee is planted by a small community of farmers in the Lintong region called Onan Ganjang. This area is located in the south west of the Lake toba which sits in the caldera formed by a massive volcanic eruption 70,000 years ago. The volcanic activity has provided a substantial richness to the soil where rice and coffee is planted around the lake. The elevation is around 1500 meter is perfect for coffee growing.

Coffee processing is about cleanliness. Wet hull process or Giling Basah process is among the cheapest processing method for coffee producers in Indonesia. Coffee processed in this method has high amount of moisture which 15%t to 25% which could affect the coffee quality if its not sent to the dry mill. If its prolonged for too long it would affect the coffee flavour and quality. This extended moisture period tend to musk the coffee into a deep earthy notes which sometimes can be quite unpleasant.

This lot is special as Onan Ganjang is a rare varietal which can be found only in Onan Ganjang. It has a lineage variety of natural cross breeding between S795 and bourbon. Original heredity of the varietal is not known, however based on the young sprout/leaves green colour, it is of a Bourbon origin/dominant gene; or mutation of S795 based on more dominant Bourbon gene Kent varietal.

Upon roasting, this coffee has a dry aroma of herbs, cedar and orange peel. At first sip, the cedar notes is strong with a burnt sage like aroma accompanied by blackberry and citrus. It has a deep chocolate after taste. It’s a classic Sumatran coffee

Varietal – Onan Ganjang
Altitude – 1500 masl
Origin – South West Lake Toba
Process – Giling Basah