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Pura Cepa Colombiana

RM35.00 MYR

Pura Cepa is an innovative project founded by Latorre & Dutch back in 2015. Pura Cepa is an innovative to improve fermentation process to produce high quality coffee by means of affordability. 

Andres Latorre has been sourcing, buying and processing green beans for 12 years under the banner of Latorre & Dutch. However, it wasn’t until Latorre founded wine importing business Vidocq that he began questioning the processing methods used by the coffee industry.

The fermentations were initiated using off-the-shelf, lab-cultivated winemaking and brewer’s yeasts, as well as lactic bacteria. The results were positive: the cupping quality of coffees increased by four to six points. “We realised that through microbial control we could improve the coffee,” says Latorre.

“Pura Cepa started as improving fermentation,” says Latorre. “But we slowly came to realise that through science, innovation and relationships, we could improve every step. Then we realised the biggest impact we could have is un-traditional origins for specialty coffee; [origins] that are selling commercial coffee.”

As for the Pura Cepa Colombia, this beans is graded at 86.5 pts. The coffee bean Antiquia region is processed through water based fermentation using Latorre's very own lactic bacteria created by its in-house microbiologist. The yeast is called Yeast 46. This water fermentation is a controlled fermentation where the cherries were set a float, selected and dried in a controlled ambient known as the Pura Cepa technique. 

The Pura Cepa technique has been an initiative by Latorre in changing the commercial grade natural beans from Colombia, Uganda and Indonesia and turn it into an un-traditional origins of specialty coffee. Traditionally, the castillio varietal is well known commercial grade beans meant for the dark roast by commercial roasters, but with the Pura Cepa method, the beans is able to produce exciting flavours.

We did couple of experimental roast for this green beans to find the prefect brewing method for the Pura Cepa beans.

Under a medium roast. It produced a strong lemon notes with a medium malic taste with a mid body. The roasting was with a 20% development. During cupping, this coffee produce a large amount of crema. We did tested it over the espresso machine. The shot was aromatic, long lasting taste with a good amount of brownish crema.

When combined with milk, the malic-ness of the coffee fades away. You tend to get a strong notes of dark chocolate. You are able to get hints of mild berries notes and the body the coffee when milk is added remain nuance.

Give this bean a try. A proper fermentation done right.

We like it better when the coffee is extracted using an espresso machines.

Credits to Latorre & Dutch for their effort in changing the fate of the Colombian farmer! 

Varietal - Castillo

Location - Cañasgordas, Antioquia

Altitude - 1700 to 1850 masl

Process - Pura Cepa/waterbased fementation.


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