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Papua New Guinea - NOWEK Kaw Kaw Gap

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This coffee super sweet coffee is from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The farm is located in the eastern highlands region in a small town called the Ungai-Benna district.

PNG is considered one of the top coffee producing countries in the world. 50% of its population income is generated through coffee planting and 80% of the planters consist of small holders and the remaining 20% constitutes the blockholders and plantations.

As far as the coffee processing is concerned, it is simillar to the way coffee is process in Ethiopia. This coffee in particular consist of the combination of the smallgrowers, blockholders and plantation owners. In this case, the plantation owners is Nowek, a well known producer and processor based in Goroka.

This coffee is planted by small holders located in the Kaw Kaw Gap, in Goroka. A gap is a geological cformation that is a low point or opening between mountain. The Kaw Kaw Gap sits at an altitude of 2100 masl. At high altitude, cherries tend to mature slower and coffee tends to be very very sweet.

Nowek is a familty owned and owns its own washing station since 1990. It was founded back in 1960 by Terry Shelly. They own their own farm in various location in Eastern Highlands as well as encouraging partnership with local farmers nearby tthe plantation. In a way, small holders regularly sends coffee to the NOWEK coffee station for processing and export. Quality is obtained through the seedlings program to control the varietals sent to the washing station. Coffee produced by NOWEK are mainly bourbon varietal.

With the combination of expertise in processing and controlled quality via seedlings program, the roasted coffee is  sweet. It consist a coconut caramel at first sip with a long chocolate taste. This coffee is perfect for both black and consumed with milk. The body is rounded.

Varietal : Bourbon

Altitude : 2100 masl

Process : Washed

Origin : Kaw Kaw Gap

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