Panama Mama Cata Geisha by Jose Garrido (Washed)

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Long before Panama was a county, Mama Cata farm has always been there. It has many history, first owned by the Monic family, who also used to own Finca Lerida, Elida and Mama Cata. Later, it was owned by the Fisher family. The Fishers are the one that introduced Geisha into the Mama Cata. However, the Farm focus solely on the typica varietal. Washed typica from Mama Cata performed in the Best of Panama competition. In 2016, they won the 4th place for the Best of Panama competition.

Now the farm is owned by the Garrido Family since 1959. In early 2000, Jose Garrido planted a small lot of Geisha for the BOP, but it was too small for the BOP. In 2005, Jose Garrido did a blend of Geisha and typica from 2 other lots and it won second to La Esmerelda estate. Since that blend took off, the money from the trade was invested in modernization and innovation of the estate.

In 2016, Mama Cata Geisha scored over 90 points, it was the highest score in the Geisha Category. Mama Cata is located in Alto Quiel, Boquete. The Farm sits at 1500-1700 masl. This area is considered a perfect region to produce high quality coffee due to its climate, volcanic soils and mineral rich soil.

This Geisha varietal is process as washed or Lavado. There are certain aspect and procedures that Jose Garrido demand from its picker and training is constant. Being a top producing farm, there are certain aspect is required to ensure that points get higher in time for the BOP competition. Lots are picked and identified. Traceability began at the point of picking, depulping and placement of the depulped coffee on the patio. Coffee is dried on patio during the day until 2pm depending on the weather forecast. The coffee is process under intensive quality control.

 The coffee is juicy and floral. Combination of bergamot and orange blossom on the aroma with cranberry, cherry with black tea at sip. Outstanding cup!

Varietal : Geisha

Altitude : 1500 – 1700 masl

Origin : Alto Quiel, Boquete

Process : Washed