Panama - Lamastus Elida Estate - Catua Natural #56

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Lamastus Elida Estate does not require a proper introduction, famed the previous Best of Panama for the most/highest priced of coffee which was sold and the family has been winning the BOP from back to back. The family has been planting coffee since 1918.

The coffee produced here are mainly produced under a unique climate, soil and location. The farm sits at a very high elevation. It is also amongst the highest coffee farm in Panama. Because of the high altitude, the coffee tend to be very dense and uniform.

What we have here is the Catual from the lot #56 and process as the traditional Natural coffee however, prior to being placed on the dry beds, the coffee undergone a fermentation process with water for at least 120 hours inside a massive fermentation tanks. The coffee cherries is then dried on the African beds in the open for alt most 5 weeks.

The coffee is extra ordinary on the cup. The dry fragrance is honeyed pineapple, mango, cherry, berry, peach and light floral fragrance. You can feel the mango, grape, Strawberry and peach flavors, accompanied by frangipani and rose scents, vivid and vivid flavors, rich layers.

Variety : Catuai
Altiitude : 1800 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Boquete