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Panama HiU Boquete - Los Lajones Yellow Catuai Fermented

RM42.50 MYR

This coffee is brought to you by HiU Boquete. One of the famous geisha producers in Panama known as the Emporium Geisha. In this selection, we brought you the Yellow catuai varietal planted as one of HiU's farm know as the Los Lajones.

The owner of HiU, Graciano Cruz is a full time specialty coffee farmer living at the foot of Volcan Baru, just a few minutes from his main farms, both the Los Lajones and the Emporium. Graciano Cruz, is known as the specialty coffee industry legen among farmers and processor. Through his company HiU Coffee Company, Snr Graciano owns multiple farms in Panama and El Salvador. To this day, he never stop experimenting with different processing method to bright the complexity in coffee.

Snr Graciano founded Los Lajones back in1992. In 2008, the farm Los Lajones was placed at #12 for the 2008 Best of Panama.

What we have here is the yellow catuai which is suitable to be planted at a very high altitude. This coffee is planted at an altitude of more than 2000 masl. At high altitude the coffee mature slowly and develop its beans with dense structure with complex flavour. In order to make the coffee more interesting, the riped cherries are taken straight to a fermentation tanks where they are fermented anaerobically for 36 hours. The cherries is then dried on an African raised beds for approximately 14 days.

Roasting this natural fermented coffee can be very tricky as it has a softer exterior surface due to the fermentation process which requires the beans to be treated as soft beans. If the coffee were to be charged at a higher charge temperature, the chances of the coffee to be scorched is high. With the combination of Low charge, a below average development time and the after effect of the fermentation process, the coffee tasted amazing.

The grounded beans has a strong and full-bodied rum like aroma. At first sip, the coffee has a cherry mulled wine (slight cinnamonish) with raisin notes. The coffee is full and rich with the combination of a strong rum like tartness, cherries with spices and cocoa at the end.

Very exotic.

Varietal : Yellow Catuai

Altitude : 2000 masl

Process : 36 Hours fermentation and Naturally dried

Origin : Volcan Baru

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