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Panama - CCD x Finca Nicky - Static Cherry

RM45.00 MYR
Nicanor Velazquez has been involved with coffee since he was a child. His family owns a 10 hectare property located in Boquete that sits at an altitude of 1800 masl. Since working with Creativa Coffee District (CCD), Snr Nicanor has managed to optimized his farm by maximizing 1000 trees per hectare. At his farm there are only 2 variety of coffee that is planted there. Most of it are Catuai and there are a small lot that is planted with Geisha. Together with his son, Michael they tend the farm together. The coffee planted there are mainly shade grown, and it has help to slow down the maturity of the cherry and at the same time produce higher quality coffee.

Coffee from Finca Nicky is then sent to CCD to further process. The collaboration does not starts during processing period, team from CCD will be highly involve at the upstream level down until the commercialization of the coffee. The cherry from Finca Nicky will only be picked when the cherry has a brix level of 18 with a pH level of 4.5. The process for this specific lot is known as the Static Cherry process.

Static cherry process is a process when the cherry is placed in an poly tanks with zero oxygen is present. By creating an anaerobic environment, only a certain bacteria and yeast could survive and the development of the fermentation process is very slow. Lactic is naturally presence in coffee cherry. With lactic and the presence of bacteria, the cherry is fermented up to 72 hours before it is sent to the patio for drying. During the hot summer day, the patio temperature could reach up to 56 celsius. This hot temperature threatens to dry the cherry a lot faster on one side than the other. In order to ensure the cherry is dried evenly, the cherry is moved every two hours. Before night fall, the cherry is pile up into a small mountain and cover to prevent any risk of rain. In the morning, it is spread again. This process continue for 15 days until it reach the desired humidity level.

Once the cherries reach 11% moisture, the cherry is moved to the dry mill for hulling. After hulling, the coffee is sorted using a optical sorter to sort the coffee by colour. Then, before the preparation for packing, the coffee is again manually sorted to remove any damaged coffee which could only be sorted or seen with two eyes.

Upon grinding of the coffee, the coffee has the dry aroma of blueberry, grape, peach, mango and mild floral aroma. At first sip, strawberry and blueberry. Then berries, grape, mango and candied pineapple flavour with violet flower aroma. The coffee is juicy and has varied changeable feels.

Variety : Catuai
Altitude : 1800masl
Process : Static Cherry
Origin : Boquete.

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