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Panama - Cafe Eleta x NINETYPLUS - Lot 3 Geisha

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“Upon grounding, the dry aroma is honey pineapple, sweet orange and bergamot. At first sip honey pineapple, candied orange and Fuji apple. The taste is accompanied by the sweet aroma of Longan Honey nectar. The coffee is sweet, rich in complexities and multi-layered.”

What we have here is a coffee that is produced by Café Eleta and processed by Joseph Brodsky and his team from the NinetyPlus. Situated at the highlands of north western of Panama and next to the UNESCO World Heritage site of La Amistad national park. It was originally established back in 1978 by Don Fernando Eleta, its primarily produced agricultural crops and livestocks.

In 1995, it began specializing and exclusively produce coffee of the Catuai variety, since then, the name of the company took the name Café de Eleta. In late 90’s the company has began to export its coffee to American and European markets. With that, the farm’s fortune grew and now, the farm has expanded in size to 420 hectares.
The farm also acts as an important buffer zone for La Amistad National park. The farm has an altitude of 1300 to 1600 masl with low temperature and surrounded by tropical rainforest. It has its own microclimate to provide environment best for growing coffee.

What we have here is a geisha that is processed by no other, Joseph Brodsky. The team has been collaborating for quite a while. As markets and industry is getting more sophisticated Café Eleta see’s and importance to collaborate with reputable processor to conduct better options and expanding its market beyond US and EU.

Joseph Brodsky is well known in producing and he is also a reputed processor. His first farm was in Ethiopia and there he learnt about the natural process of processing coffee. He was inspired by it and he came back and introduced it to Graciano Cruz of HiU and Jose Garrido of Mamacata to process geisha as Natural. From there he did not only stop there. He has been working closely with local farmers in creating and modulating flavours of coffee.

This geisha is produced as an anaerobic fermentation and dried naturally . Anyhow, Joseph Brodsky does not share his processing but for Lot 3 the coffee is processed as an anaerobic processing and most important, the coffee Is not overly fermented. The aim of this process, is to emulate the tasting notes of Perci (a coffee from Ninetyplus) which is a profile which is incredible complexity with multi-layered notes. The process of this coffee is a natural fermentation process which includes multiple anaerobic, high-temperature fermentation steps with the addition of specific yeast to give a precise direction and control over the fermentation process.

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1400 – 1500 masl
Process : Multistage Fermentation
Origin : Rio Candela

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