Nicaragua Mierisch Mamamina Pacamara Natural

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This is the second offering from Finca Mierisch, also from the same farm called Mamamina. There are many other varietal which is planted from Mamamina farm, we decided to go with the Pacamara. Other varietals available include Javanica, Red Catuai and Red Bourbon. The varietal that we have here is from the Red Pacamara.

The Red pacamara known for being massive in size. These are due to the genetic involvement of Maragogype in crossing. Its cup profile leans towards lean towards notes of dark chocolate, red apple brown sugar. This varietal is also known to be creamy  and rich with juiciness and acidity.

In this offering from Mamamina farm, we roasted this coffee low and slow. This is to modulate the acidity to be more pleasant. With low charge and cut short the development process we are able to highlight the mulberry jam like notes and dark fruits flavour such as blackcurrant and plum. The coffee is thick in taste, smooth and juicy. The notes is layered and rich. Drink it slowly and the taste change as the temperature drops.

Varietal : Red Pacamara

Altitude : 1275 – 1400 masl

Origin : Mama Mina, Laguna Verde

Process : Natural