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Nicaragua – La Porra (2021 COE #12)

RM35.00 MYR

We had an opportunity to secure this trade through friendship with the winning lot owner of this lot. Friendship does goes a long way. At the event few months back, this coffee was scored at 87.54 pts.

Nicaragua auction has always been different from the rest of the South American COEs. Here you can see the auction lot are mainly the classic traditional variety such as Caturra, Pacamara, Catuais, Java, Maracaturra and Maragogype. What we have here is the the coffee of the Maragogype variety.

The farm is currently being run by Snr Bayron Antonio Ocon Ubeda. Finca La Porra was founded by Don Byron’s grandfather back in the 1930s. Don Byron was born in the property in early 60s. He is the 3rd generation owner of the farm. Both his parents were also coffee farmers and they have been living in the farm since his grandfather started farming coffee.

Finca La Porra is located at Jinotega. It sits at 1220 masl. The farm size is 17 hectares. There are two main varieties that is planted here. The first is the Maracaturra and the other is the Maragogype.

Maragogype is sometimes known as the elephant bean. The coffee bean is massive and its bigger than the pacamara. Roasting this coffee bean can be a little bit tricky as the density is different from bourbon or other rounded shape arabican beans. However, the taste of the coffee is different. The coffee has explosive acidity which mostly fruit like.

This coffee is process as fully washed. It does provide a lot more clarity in the sense of taste and aroma. For this coffee, there has been a lot of QC was conducted to ensure is a competition worthy. The selected cherries is first fermented for 12 to 24 hours before it is depulped. The depulped cherry is then washed and is then dried on a patio instead on the African beads.

When we cup the coffee, upon grounding we could feel the aroma of red plum, cranberry, orange and black tea. At first sip the main notes are blackcurrant and sweet plum taste. The taste of sweet and sour cranberry emerges in the midsection with black tea finish and also the aroma of orange peel. The cup has a very firm flavour, clean and juicy. Highly recommended.

Variety : Maragogype
Altitude : 1300 masl
Process : Fully Washed
Origin : Jinotega

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