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Roasting as Usual

Nicaragua Finca Mierisch San Jose

RM37.50 MYR

This is the third addition of coffee from Finca Mierisch. For the past two selection, we have picked the coffee planted at Finca Mamamina. This time, we picked the crop that was produced in Finca San Jose. To recap, Doctor Mierisch owns 11 coffee farm in Nicaragua.

This farm was the latest addition of Doctor Mierisch collection of Farm. Purchased in 2003, this farm was a a testament to their commitment as it was by the beautiful Lake Apanas. They had to pay a hefty price for the location of the farm. "This is a Paradise among coffee farms"

The farm is divided in Plantios section that are easily manageble and easy to track as to ensure that coffee harvested only at the ripest point. With the implementation of the Plantios Section it is easy and powerful to track the yield process. As time goes, the data collected created an efficient way of managing large farm. The size of the coffee planted at Finca San Jose is 112 hectares.

The coffee is process as pulped natural. First, the coffee cherry is held in water during the night after its picked. The next morning, the cherry is depulped preferably no water is involved at the wet mil. Once depulping is complete, the coffee beans with its mucilage is sent to the dry mill. In the firs two days, the mucilage is dried  on plastic tarps before it is moved to the African beds. The Parchement usually moved 3 to 4 times a day. The coffee is dried in 50% shade. The whole drying phase take approximately 16 days. The dried coffee is rested for 30 days before being sent to the milling plant for export.

We really love this coffee. The dry aroma is citrus, orange peel, blackcurrant and caramel. At the entrance, you can feel the aromas of blackberrry and smoked ebony plum. The middle section reveals the flavor of orange juice and sweetness and sourness. The aftertaste has oolong tea like flavor

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