Nicaragua Finca Mierisch Maragogype

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Finca Mierisch is a well known farm and brand based in Nicaragua and Honduras. Within Finca Mierisch, there are 11 other boutique farms. This specific coffee comes from the Mama Mina farm which is located in Laguna Verde. It has an elevation of 1275-1400 masl. It was ranked as #7 of the Nicaraguan COE back in 2009.  

This is a family run coffee producers which is well known for their Limoncello farm (COE #2 2008) and Las Delicas (COE #4 2017). The proprietor of this farm is Doc Mierisch. He started his career as medical doctor but his life has always been part of coffee farming. Doc is a third generation coffee producer and processor. Now, his daughter and his sons is also involved in the coffee production, processing and exporting. 

What we have here is a Maragogype varietal. It is different by its extra large appearance. They are at least 40% larger than the common arabica varietal and commonly known as the "elephant beans". Pacamara is a hybrid between Pacas and Maragogype. And the large size of the Pacamara beans is contributed from the genetics of the maragogype varietal. 

This coffee is not planted at a very high altitude. We were looking for the nutty and sweet coffee. During dry form, the grounded coffee has wonderful caramel aroma with citrus at the back. This coffee is citrusy at first sip with plum notes echoing at the back. It has a strong hazelnut scent. The after taste of the coffee is hazelnut and milk sugar. It is smooth and clean.