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Nicaragua – Finca Mierisch Bourbon Funky

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This is another addition of coffee from Finca Mierisch. We tasted the coffee few years back ago from a Japanese roaster which we thought it was different from all the other Finca Mierisch’coffee. This specific coffee is farm at one of the Finca Mierisch farm in Nicaragua, Finca Los Placeres. Last year we had the selection from the same farm but process as Natural. The Funky process can be quite demanding by other roasters too. This year, we managed to score couple of bags for this coffee.

The term funky is a process that was coined by Stephen Leighton (Owner of Hasbean Coffee), comes from a strange but exotic profile produced by this method. The variety of coffee may change. But the process is always the same.

At Finca Mierisch, the selected cherries based on its optimal maturity (by measuring brix) and immediately transfer the cherries to a dry mill. The cherries is then placed in a thich layer on a plastic tarpaulin. The thick layer of coffee will allow a certain degree of fermentation process. Water is then sprayed on to the cherries to aid the fermentation process. The coffee is covered for 36 hours. The cherries is monitored by tasting the cherries, to ensure that the coffee is not fully fermented by not letting them to taste like vinegar, which means over fermentation. After the controlled fermentation process, the coffee is placed on the patio as a single layer for 8 days followed by 20 to 30 days on an African beds until it reachs 12% moisture level.

The ground coffee has a strong aroma of tropical fruit wine, cherries and raisins. At first sip is tropical fruit wine, raisins, followed by the aroma of honey, with the aftertaste of wine-stained cherry. The cup is rich flavor is clean and solid.

Variety : Bourbon
Altitude : 900 masl
Process : Funky
Origin : Los Placeres, Matagalpa

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