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Mexico - Finca Guadalupe Zaju (Aged)

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Finca Zaju Guadalupe Zaju is located along the Guatemalan border, north of Tapachula, through the Mexico famed Ruta De Café in Chiapas. The farm is massive and occupies approximately 310 hectares of Chiapas. This location is famed for the production of coffee in Mexico.

This area brought back a 100 years history of the coffee planting in Mexico. About 100 years ago, Porfirio Diaz (Mexican then President) and Otto Von Bismark, collaborated together to send 450 German families to an underdeveloped region in Chiapas. This region has great agricultural potential however it was remote and lacked investment. Under the management of the German immigrants together with the local farmers and worker, Chiapas transformed into a coffee powerhouse. Within 5 years, the output was 11.5 million kilo of coffee were harvested. 70% of the output was sent directly to Germany.

Finca Zaju was taken over by a Hamburg born businessman, Hans Asmus Luethje in 1945. His son continued the legacy until 2003 when the coffee price hit rock bottom. Farm is known simply as Zaju after the river that runs through it. In 2004, it was purchased by Eduardo Teddy Esteve. Snr Teddy family has always been in the commodity trading which include coffee, tea and cocoa for over 150 years and he has been working in coffee end of business his whole life.

The coffee planted in Finca Guadalupe Zaju is 100% shad grown. The farm is certified as Rainforest Alliance. This lot is a very special nano lot from 310 hectares of farm, a small lot of coffee is selected for specialty coffee. This coffee is aged in a wood barrel after the washed process and drying for few weeks. This method is a relative quick method of enhancing the flavour profile of the coffee without damaging the bean structure. This lost consist of the Mundo Maya varietal, known for fruit and winey profile. These selected lots is processed as washed and aged in parchment barrels to contribute to the heady aroma on the raw beans.

The coffee is planted at an altitude of 1300 masl, for a below average altitude, the coffee is produce a very fruity a cup and sweet cup. At first sip, bright notes of watermelon juice which consist of sweet, sour and bitter at the same time. On the mouth the cup is juicy and creamy. The acidity of lemon is present as its get cooler with a creme brullee like aroma lingering at the end.

Varietal : Mundo Maya
Altitude : 1300 masl
Process : Washed and 3 weeks aged
Origin : Chiapas

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