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Nicaragua - La Huella – Half Blood Prince | Anaerobic Low Temperature

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In the 2021 in the Los Favoritos Private Auction Lot, selected by Alliance of Coffee Excellence (ACE), 11 coffee scored above 88 pts while the highest score was an Anaerobic Low Temperature of the “Half Blood Prince” variety, the Ethiosar. It scored 90.3 pts. This coffee was planted at the Los Placeres farm, owned by the Mierisch Family.
What we have here also a coffee of the same variety and processed by the same processor but planted at a different farm. This lot is from La Huella which is 31 km away from Los Placeres.

Ethiosar is a hybrid crossing f the Sudan Rume Varietal and Sarchimor. Both coffee are hybrids by nature. Sudan Rume is a natural hybrid of Ethiopian Typica while, Sarchimor is a hybrid of Villa Sarchi. The complex heritage means that there are a lot of genetic diversity not only to protect it against disease but also a vibrant cup profile.

The fact that most of Finca Mierisch farm are relatively low in altitude, its coffee always surprised us in the cup. It’s a testament that high quality coffee can also be produced at a normal/average altitude.

Anaerobic Low Temperature process is a new technique developed by Dr Erwin. It simply means fermentation without the presence of Oxygen. It begin with only picking the ripe cherry, blood red cherries. The cherries is then placed inside a dry barrel with no water and covered with a lid. The lid is then sealed to ensure that the barrel is airtight. The lid is modified, with a connector and a valve. The air inside the tank is then vacuumed to remove the remaining oxygen is remove. The barrel is then placed inside a cold room where the temperature is set to be between 6 to 10 Celsius for a period of 60 hours. After 60 hours of fermentation, the cherries are spread out as a thin layer under direct sunlight on the patio for 2 days. After 2 days, the cherries is then sent to the African beds inside a green house. After 30 days of drying inside the green house, the humidity is already around 12.5%. The cherries is then transported to a warehouse and rested for a further 30 day. Then only the cherries is hulled and rested. The total no of days to process this coffee is 62 Days.

Upon grounding this coffee, it has an aroma of strawberry, raisin, yakult and toffee. At first sip, strawberry, peach and raisin aroma. Followed by cherry, mild rose and aftertaste of Apple Vitagen. The coffee is smooth like yakult drink, fragrant sweet and smooth. A must try coffee.

Variety : Ethiosar
Altitude : 1350 masl
Process : Anaerobic Low Temperature
Origin : El Arenal, Matagalpa

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