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Kenya - Othaya FCS Kiaguthu ((SLD Natural)

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Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) is no stranger in the production of the specialty coffee in Kenya and considered to be among the top coffee producers from Nyeri. Its so organized until the FCS now owns approximately 17 washing station and 1 dry mill for its coffee production. Their washing station are quite well known too and these washing station has been producing high quality specialty coffee. To name a few Thuti, Chinga, Ichamama, Rukira, Kiruga and Gitundu coffee and all of the coffee is milled at the Othaya dry mill in Gatuyani.

The Kiaguthu washing station is among the earliest washing station owned by the Othaya FCS. It was founded back in 1964, the year which Kenya gained independence. To date, there are atleast 547 members of the Othaya FCS that sent its cherries to the Kiaguthu washing station. Most of the members that sent out the cherries to this location farms its coffee at Nyeri County. Nyeri county has a very cool temperature with an average altitude of 1850 masl throughout the whole county (plateau).

Most of the farmers that contributes, owns approximately half an acre of land size and each tree produced approximately 5 to 7 kg of cherry per tree. At half acre, the number of trees is approximately 250 coffee trees.

This coffee is a special lot coffee as it is process as natural instead of the traditional lot where coffee is Kenyan washed. For this lot, the cherries that is sent to the washing station and selected based on the ripest among the lot that is destined for the washing station. Only the ripest cherry is selected and then it is soaked in water for few hours to remove any floaters among the lot. After that, the cherry is sent straight to the African raised beds where it is dried. Since Nyeri is a pretty much a high humid and wet county, the coffee is dried off on a single layer drying (SLD) to ensure that the drying is done as fast as possible to avoid fungi that could manipulate the aroma and taste of the coffee.

We were fascinated by this coffee and it reminded us of the last year’s Jungle Estate SLD which opened up our eyes in pursuing the SLD Natural processed Kenyan coffee.

On the cup, it reminded us of Sangria filled with mango, strawberry and rockmelon. The cup is accompanied by the aroma of Sakura which has been soaked in hot water. As it gets cooler, the coffee began to taste more like peach with a cocoa liqueur after taste. The coffee is sweet with a solid layered flavour.

Don’t miss it.

Variety : SL 28, SL 34

Altitude : 1850 masl

Process : SLD Natural

Origin : Nyeri


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