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Kenya Nyeri Othaya – Rukira AA

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In 2021, we had a excellent coffee from the Kenyan Othaya FCS. That Coffee was from the Kiaguthu washing station and it was processed as Single Layer Drying (SLD) Natural. What we have here is also from the same Cooperative, the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). The Rukira washing station is among its 19 washing station.

Similar to the Kiaguthu Washing station, the Rukira was among the earlier washing station that was built back in 1979. It is located in the Rukira village. The village is located between the River Mumwe and the River Thuti.
The Othaya FCS is one of the larger coffee society in Kenya. It has currently approximately 14000 farmer members across Nyeri. The Rukira Factory has 800 members and at least 600 of whom are active farmers and delivering cherries to the washing station . The maximum intake of cherry for Rukira washing station is about 150,000 kg. On average, each farmers contribute approximately 250KG of cherry which equivalent to 35kg of green coffee (post processing).

The coffee that is planted in Rukira village is planted at an altitude of 1700 to 1900 masl and of the SL 28 and SL 34 Varietal. The riped cherries are hand picked and sent to the washing station on the same day. The selected cherries is then sent to a tank and soaked in water. The floaters inside the tank is then removed as it is less densed. The cherry is then sent to the fermentation tank and is then fermented in water for 72 hours. The fermented cherry is then depulp. After the depulp process, the cherries is then soaked in fresh water for 24 hours and is then cleaned and washed. The cleaned coffee is then brought to the raised beds for drying. After reaching the targeted moisture level. The dried parchment is then sent to Othaya FCS milling factory for milling and packing.

Dry aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, orange peel and orange blossom. You can feel blackberries and cranberries at the first sip. The flavor, accompanied by pear, orange peel and elegant floral aroma emerges at the end along with black tea mouthfeel. The taste is rich and varied layers in taste from hot, warm and room temperature.

Variety : SL 28/SL 34
Altitude : 1800 to 1900 masl
Process : Kenyan Washed
Origin : South Nyeri.

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