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Kenya - Kiamana AB by Kiama FCS

RM37.50 MYR

Kiamana is a washing station established back in 1974 in Nyeri. To be exact, it is located in the Karantina Municipality. The washing station is owned by the Kiama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). The FCS is made up of 2100 producers who farm Kenya’s central Highlands.

For this specific lot, the cherries came from 386 members who grow coffee in nearby farms located between 1750 to 1850 masl. This altitude is considered to be above average as most of the farms in Kenya is situated approximately 1400-1600 masl. We were excited when we bid for this coffee due to the altitude and the ambient of the coffee was grown at.

The washing station is managed by Purity Wanjiku Muriuki. The first female factory manager in Kiama FCS. She handles the collection and the processing of the coffee cherries to ensure that the quality is acquired at the very beginning.

Kiama FCS was formed back in 2005. To date, it owns 5 washing station. They are Inwagi, Guchiro, Ichuga, Kiangungo and Kiamana. The FCS supports its farmers by offering pre harvest financing to ensure investment for the future. Apart from financing, the FCS provide assistance to ensure maximum potential and profitability for the farmers by providing training, that would improve quality and productivity. Top performing farmers are eligible to produce microlots and export its coffee as a small holder plot.

This coffee is a washed coffee using the Kenyan traditional method. Fresh cherries were processed on the same day. First, it is manually sorted and all process is overseen by the cherry clerk who ensure zero unripe cherries – red only. The red cherries is then weight and the farmers received their claims. The coffee is then soaked in water and any floaters is then removed. The remaining cherries is then pulped and the coffee is then soaked in water to separate the lighter and the denser beans. Only the the denser beans is selected and the lighter coffee is separate for different commercial grade coffee.

The coffee is then dry fermented for 20 to 24 hours to remove the mucilage from the beans. During the fermentation, no water is involve. It is checked constantly to ensure that the fermentation is done evenly. Madam Purity will give it a call when to stop the fermentation process and proceed for the washing in the washing channel. The coffee is then soaked and graded again. Only the heavier coffee were selected and floaters were remove to be used as the commercial grade coffee. The coffee is then soaked in water for further 48 hours to increase the protein and amino acid which in turn heightens the complexity of the acidity.

Then, the coffee is pumped into the drying beds for 1-2 hours before being transferred to the African beds. As they dry the parchment is turned constantly to ensure even drying. On average, the coffee is dried between 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on the weather. After drying, the dry coffee is stored in parchment for about a month to stabilize the water activity and contribute to long lasting vibrancy in the cup.

*Personal note
This is an exceptional coffee from Kenya for the year 2020. It’s a balanced and very intricate that hit all notes of Tropical fruity, deep chocolate, floral and distinct of wild honey. Very exceptional coffee from a well process high altitude coffee from Nyeri.

The dry aroma is cranberry, dried cranberry, roselle, orange peel and white flower. Feel the fu at the entrance vivid orange blossom, cranberry, dried cranberry, roselle and other red berry flavors, with Grapefruit and orange peel. The finish is long floral and with orange peel, sweet and juicy. The coffee is delicate and elegant.

Variety : SL 28 & SL 34
Altitude : 1750 & 1850
Process : Washed
Origin : Kiamana, Nyeri

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