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Kenya Gathaiti AB

RM35.00 MYR

This fully washed coffee is originated from Nyeri, a well known coffee producing region in the Central of Kenya. Coffee from Nyeri is known for its intensity, complexity and flavour rich cup profiles. 

The farmers are mainly small holders, they own at least 100 trees per farm. In coffee farming, 100 trees is considered fairly small as one tree could produce a around 700 gram of coffee on a good year. Normally Africa, these farmers are backed by Cooperative (Koperasi) that will act as an umbrella for the mill where the smallholders farmers deliver their coffee cherries for processing. Similar to the palm oil industry in Malaysia, the small holders will send to a cooperative mill of each district before the cooperative mill send it to Felda for processing. 

Roasting this Kenya is quite straight forward. We wanted to bring forward the sweetly fruit acidity at the same time showcasing the creamy and juicy mouthfeel. Coffee from Kenya contains brilliant acidity and in order to obtain it, a lot of roaster roast it light. But the gem in Kenyan coffee is the sweet berry-like acidity beyond the citric lie a bit deeper into the roast and it is quite prominent in the medium light roast with a development time ratio of around 20%-22%. 

When brew this coffee, the cup is sweet with a fruit punch like character. The acidity lies towards stone fruit (Mango) and citrus. The palate is smooth. The flavour is distinct and bright. 

We think that you would love it!

Varietals - SL 34, SL 28

Process - Fully Washed 

Bean Grade - AB 

Altitude - 1450 masl

Brewing Method 

Its too good for an espresso machine.

Might want to experiment it over cold brew.


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