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Kenya - Gachatha AB by Gachatha FCS

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The Gachatha washing station is located at the town of Gatunda. Like the name, this washing station is owned by the Gachata Farmers Co-operatives Society (FCS). The FCS has approximately 1100 registered farmers affiliated with the FCS, approximately 900 are active farmers. The Gachata washing station used to be part of a larger Tetu FCS. About 10 years ago, there was a breakaway and now the washing station now run their own show.

FCS plays a very important part of the coffee industry in Kenya. Coffee farmers in Kenya usually are smallholders, with an average tree of 200 per household. The washing station is located in the busting town of Gatunda. Farmers contributing to this coffee are mainly from the mountain range of the Aberdare mountain, of which the altitude on average are about 1800 masl up to 2100masl.

This coffee is processed as the traditional Kenyan washed process. Typically, ripe cherry is brought to the factory and hand sorted. Farmers are paid a premium for the ripe cherry that they brought in. The skin is then removed and the coffee is soaked and fermented overnight to breakdown sugar before it is clean, soaked and spread out on the African raised beds. Usually the drying process will take approximately 15 days in total.

Upon grounding The dry scent is citrus, grapefruit, cranberry and roselle. The taste is sweet and sour blackcurrant, cranberry juice, grapes and orange peel flavor. At the end, sweet toffee and blackcurrant. The coffee is silky, smooth, clean and bright.

Variety : SL28
Altitude : 1800 masl
Process : Kenyan Washed
Origin : Gatunda, Nyeri

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