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Roasting as Usual

Kenya Dormans Nyeri Mutheka FCS Kiandu Factory AB

RM35.00 MYR

This lot is produced by numberous smallholders. All of the are the member of the Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). The coffee is processed by Kiandu Coffee Factory. Mutheka FCS is a fairly new body which was formed back in 2004. It is located in Nyeri County. The members is around 6,000 very small scale coffee growers. Coop plays a very important role in the coffee industry in Kenya to support small holders. Unlike in Panama or even Colombia where single farm are more common than the establishment of Coop.

The FCS motto is Urumwe, Utheri na Utonga (Unity, Transparency and Wealth) and the main function of the group is to improve the quality of lives of the other farmers within the group. The Mutheka FCS are well-known for producing high quality coffee and have won several awards for the lots they have produced.

It is best to roast this coffee medium light. It has a solid floral and fruity notes. When in ground form, the floral notes is quite strong with this one. One can feel the blackcurrant juice when brewed right. The aroma of this coffee is towards bergamot and roselle! Its proper juicy. 

Varietal : SL 28/ SL34/ Rairu

Process : Kenya Style Wash

Altitude : 1700 masl

Origin : Nyeri