Jacky Lai : Natural Guji Peaberry G1

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Few months ago, we brought in the highly sought coffee from Berg-Wu. Berg-Wu is a World Barista Champion while Jacky Lai is World Champion Roaster in 2014. 

Similarly, this peaberry offering is curated by Jacky Lai himself. Origin of this coffee is different from Berg Wu selection. This selection is from Guji. Over the past few years, the coffee from Guji is over taking the traditional producers from Yigarcheffe. This include from the cup quality as well as the listed price on ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. 

Roasting peaberry is different from the usual shaped coffee. It is dense and to ensure the evenness of the roast, we had to put the focus more on the environment temperature (ET) of the roaster. Maintaining an even temperature requires extra focus as the ET moves quite abit especially during the early stage of roasting  and towards approaching First Crack. 

This coffee is packed with explosive sweetness, rich in fragrance, gentle and confortable taste. It also has a super strong floral flavor which highly sought by the lovers of Ethiopian coffee. The texture of this coffee gets better as the coffee gets cooler and cooler.

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Varietal : Hierloom

Altitude : 2100 masl

Origin : Guji

Process : Natural