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Indonesia - Sarekat Halu Pink Banana

RM30.00 MYR

Coffee from Mount Halu made his famed both in Indonesia as well as in Malaysia. Highly regard for its taste among local roaster. We tasted it few times from a local café in Melawati early this year and we love it. July and August are the period we procure coffee from Java. This round, we were procuring coffee from Banyuwangi to make up the cost per Kg, we decided to look for more coffee to make up to cost of doing the Phytosanitary and The export permit and to fill up the pallet. We came across to this coffee. There are various farmers and processors from Mount Halu, but this one looks promising.

This crop is for the 2021/2022 season and has been made available since mid July.

Pak Deni has been processing coffee since 2015. Prior to this venture he has been suppling vegetables in the market. Over time, he learn and about the coffee industry and his basic farming knowledge expedited the whole process. His interest in coffee also fueled by his drinking habit. From there he was able to visualize the full potential of arabica coffee.

At first his coffee was processed as Giling Basah and Giling Kering a very common in the Indonesian coffee processing. Between 2016 to date, Indonesian coffee processer has not stopped experimenting their crop to make a difference within the coffee industry in Indonesia. Local brewers are also open to explore the flavour of the local produce.

This coffee is processed as honey process. However, this honey process is different as it consist a period of fermentation which perfected the whole process. This process was founded by accident while he was processing his Yellow Honey process. While drying his coffee, there was a bad weather for few days and he had to store his coffee during the rain. He decided to store his coffee inside a container for few days until the sun start to shine again. When he open up the drum, he noticed that his coffee was fermented and became a unique flavour that can only be found in his coffee.

The aroma at entrance is also strong of unrestrained rum and cherry jam as the main notes and then candied pineapple and the starfruit emerge. The latter part has the aroma of red wine and raisins. The wine aroma and ripe fruit flavor are strong and deep. The coffee is sweet and the acidity is stimulating.

Variety : SigararUtang
Altitude : 1300 to 1500 masl
Process : Anaerobic Honey
Origin : Bandung