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PT Toarco Jaya Cooperative drew its nape from the first 2 letters of TORAJA, ARABICA, COFFEE. Toraja is the region in South of Sulawesi, Arabica is the species and Coffee is the export. The region has a very long coffee history with its roots in dutch colonial production. But after the WW2, land ownership transferred to small farmers. Coffee be came a cash crop and was small in production.

Indonesian coffee lost its appeal in the 60s due to unreliable quality, unfavourable government programs and poor incentive to farmers. In 1976, a large conglomerate from Japan, Key Coffee Inc and Toshoku (now know as Cargill) partner with the local WaliKota in Tana Toraja. The first thing that they did was to send a research team to did a technical survey that would change that is seen as the revival of the coffee export of Indonesia.

Fast forward 40 years later, high quality coffee demands for uncompromising quality standards. If a coffee producers wants to sell their parchment to Toarco Jaya, the producers must be certified by Toarco Jaya. That includes its selective picking, storage, transportation, moisture and etc. Farmers are issued an ID card that allows them to sell their coffee at any of the purchasing point in the Tana Toraja region.

Most of the coffee produced in Toraja is S795 or known as Jember variety by the locals. Its developed in India and known to be resistant to leaf rust. The key genetics of this variety is Typica and Liberica.

With strict protocol and uncompromising standards, these coffee can produce an excellent cup. Upon grinding, we could obtain the cocoa, roasted nuts and berries aroma. At first sip, citrus and orange peel. The cup is sweet and herby with almond tones after taste.

Variety – Jember
Altitude - 1400 to 2000 masl
Origin – Tana Toraja
Process – Full Washed

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