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Indonesia - Kopi Pak Fahman Yoga - Kering Gading

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This coffee is from the Kampung Kenawat which is located in Gayo Regency. This coffee is produced by a farmer by the name of Fahman Yoga. Kampung Kenawat is fairly a small scale coffee production area in Aceh. In 2015, the production per year is only approximately 300KG.

In order to break into the international specialty market, Pak Fahman Yoga had to improve on quality and process it uniquely. Giling Basah is very common in Indonesia so as the fully washed and other experimental processing such as winey or anaerobic process.

The coffee production in Kampung Kenawat is not fairly new. But due to the previous arm conflict, younger generation tend to migrate to big cities to improve on their economic well being. Pak Fahman, came back in 2013 to his Kampung.
Kering Gading is an ancient coffee processing in Gayo. It is similar to the rice processing method and coffee produced in this method is known as Kopi Beras. It is similar to the semi washed/giling basah process. However, prior to the drying, the coffee is first fermented for a period of time to remove the mucilage on the coffee. The Giling basah however is dried together with the mucilage. The coffee is then dried on bed together with the parchment. The parchment will crack and it symbolize that the coffee is ready. The parchment will remain during storage as it t will protect the coffee from any insect. It will only be hulled prior to shipment/export.

Coffee from Pak Fahman are the combination of Ateng and Abysinnia variety.

The dry aroma is citrus, grapefruit, cranberry, raisin and toffee. Citrus, grapefruit, cranberry when sipped. With plum flavor, cedar aroma, honey, orange juice flavor and sweet and sour flavor emerge. The taste is sweet and soft like syrup. The sweetness is full and rich.

Variety – Ateng & Abysinnia
Altitude – 1300- 1600masl
Process – Kering Gading
Origin – Kampung Kenawat

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