Indonesia – Gayo Atu Lintang

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Its been a while we source for coffee from Indonesia for the Espresso based coffee. After cupping samples of coffee from our partners in Indonesia, we found this tasty cup of coffee. This coffee is source from a famous Central Aceh mill called the Jagong Mill located in the Atu Lintang coffee producing region.

This coffee processing station is owned and operated by Pak Irham Junus together with is son Andi, and daughter, Ina. This processing mill was established back in 1979. In 2006, the washing station managed to obtain its permit to export its coffee without the requirement to go through an agent. Even though Indonesia is a high producing coffee country, there are not many exporters. Most of the small holders are required to work with larger mill to export its coffee. For the case of Pak Irham, he worked with over 600 coffee farmers within the Atu Lintang region with a total of 1700 acres of land size.

Atu Lintang is a volcanic loam soil. Coffee is planted at the altitude between 1300 to 1600 masl. Harvested cherries is sent to the Jagong mill for processing. The process station works as a cooperative for the contributors of the cherries. Revenue and profit is used to improve farming process and improving the quality of life of the coffee producers.

Pak Irham is in charge of the coffee processing. To ensure that only ripe cherries is sent to the processing station, he pays a premium to the farmers. With control over the processing, quality of the coffee from this milling station is exceptional. This coffee is processed as Giling Basah, a traditional method that is famous for coffee from Sumatera.

The dry fragrance is blackberry, cranberry, orange peel, cedar and smoky notes. You can feel blackberry, citrus, at first sip. With aromas of orange peel, herbs. Cedar aroma can be detected in the aftertaste. The smooth and compact.

Variety : Borbor & TimTim
Altitude : 1400 masl
Process : Giling Basah
Origin : Bukit Harapan, Central Aceh