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Indonesia - Frinsa Rujak Bebeg

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On the first week of November 2021, we released the Frinsa Manis lot #3 coffee. This week what we have here is the Frinsa Rujak Bebeg. A funky coffee from the mountain of Bandung, Java processed by Om Fikri of Frinsa Estate.

We spent a lot of time experimenting with this coffee. Finding the balance in the cup is quite challenging for something which is processed out of the Norm. Similar to the Jairo 720 where the coffee was fermented for 720 Hours (30 days). What we have here is an anerobic fermented coffee which is fermented for 336 hours/14 days and sundried on raised beds until the it reached the ideal moisture level. Yeast used for this fermentation is the lactobacillus culture. The cherries first is washed and cleaned. The cleaned cherries is then put in plastic barrel together with the lactobacillus culture and fermented anaerobically. Usually Om Fikri will ferment its Lactic lot for 2 to 3 days. But for this lot it is fermented for 14 days.

The name of this lot was given by Jamie of Nordic Approach. After cupping and discussion with the processor, Om Fikri mention it taste like a local Indonesian dish, Rujak Bebeg. Which contains, Ambarella (Kendondong), Mango (Mangga Muda), tapioca (Ubi), Sweet Turnip (Sengkuang), Plaintain (Pisang Batu), Tamarind (Asam Jawa) and Rock sugar (gula batu).

It is one of the funkiest lot we have tasted from Indonesia. Preserving the fruity composition of the roast is what we aim for. Upon grounding we could detect, white grapes, peaches, raisins and sweet floral fragrance, which lasts until you sip, still with fermented Grape flavour is the main notes, accompanied by strawberries, peaches and mangoes, with Yakult-like smooth taste and fudgy texture. The taste is complex and changeable from blackberry soda to chocolate liqueur.

Variety : Multivariety
Altitude : 1400 to 1600masl
Process : Anaerobic Natural
Origin : Bandung

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