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Indonesia - Cikole Estate - Anaerobic Natural

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Java coffee this year has yet to disappoint us. First was Halu Banana, Then there was Ijen, after that was Frinsa Estate. We thought of pulling the handbrake on coffee from Java. But then, our friend from IIT gave us a sample of this beautifully processed natural anaerobic coffee from a renowned coffee processor, Om Jakub Lazuardi of the Cikole Estate. We decided to go for this extra mile for this juicy coffee from Bandung.

Jakub Lazuardi is the main man behind this beautifully processed coffee. Originally from Sumatra, he grew up mainly in Medan where his family owns their own coffee farm. Then, he went to further his studies at Ohio State University to further his studies. After completing his studies, he came back and decided to recide in Java, and started Cikole Estate. Cikole Estate is located north of Bandung in a small village called Maribaya.

With the help of the local villagers, this forest shaded coffee is cared by the local villagers that live in Maribaya and Batu Loceng areas. Apart from coffee of its own produced, Pak Jakub partner up with 30 other farmers from Maribaya and Batu Loceng area. Pak Jakub role is not only limited to processing, his role starts from selecting new farmers, checking on the soil activity and creating a fertilizer plan for the farm to ensure quality cherries is produced towards harvest. In total today, the land area of which produced cherries and under the care of Om Jakub is 200 hectares.

This lot is the Anaerobic Natural processed coffee. It’s a single variety coffee of the Typica variety. Typica has a very low production rate, however it has an excellent cup quality.

For this lot, the ripe cherries is selected based on clearance by Om Jakub. He will check the brix value before allowing the pickers to pick the cherries of a certain lot. The cherries is then bagged in an air-tight plastic bags and anaerobic fermentation begins. After reaching a certain pH level, the coffee is then transferred to the green house for drying processes. The process is then stopped and sent to PT Bright Java for hulling and further QC. The sorting process is quite rigorous. After the hulling, the beans will go through a series of sorting which includes gravity sorter and finally it is mechanically sorted using the optical colour sorter. Any over ripe or over fermented beans is removed through this process. The total output for 2021 is only 800kg.

Upon grounding, the coffee has the notes of Apple cider, roasted pineapple and hint of cacao. At first sip apple cider, cantaloupe. The acidity is bright, with a long lasting bubblegum like mouthfeel. The coffee is juicy and sweet.

Variety : Typica
Altitude : 1300 – 1500 masl
Process : Anaerobic Natural
Origin : Maribaya, Bandung.

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