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Indian Monsoon Malabar AA

RM37.50 MYR

This Indian Monsoon Malabar is from the Bibi plantation. The plantation is 250 acre and is currently being managed by Faiz Moosakutty. The farm has been in Moosakutty family since 1960 and is named after Faiz's mother, Madam Bibi. Faiz took control of the farm from his father in 1990 and since then emarked on replanting the entire estate with an aim to create a model coffee farm. The process is 100% completed and Bibi Plantation has been producing some of the regions's finest coffee.

The farm is 5 hours drive towards the coast of Bangalore, lies a small town of Suntikoppa, near the Coorg Hills of Southern India. This is the heart of coffee growing area in the state of Karnataka, consist of small to medium sized farms.

Bibi Plantation sits at 600-800 meters above sea level. Coffee is grown in the shaed of indigenous silver oaks, jungle figs and rosewood tree.

Monsooning is a process unique to India. with a length history of a potent cup. It dates back in the coffee farming under British colonial rule. During several months that it took to sheep green coffee from India to Europe, the humidity of sea winds, caused the beans to swell and age. To create a Monsooned crop, natural sundried coffee is stored  in open sided warehouse on the coast which allow most tropical air from the monsoon winds to blow through the storage area. Over 2-3 months period, the beans absorb moisture, loose its acidity and swell to double its original size, brittle and pale. Usually the process starts when the monsoon season begins in July and usually completed by the end of October.

The result, the roasted coffee has an aroma of rice with flavor of Pu'er team. The aroma is like fried chestnuts with the sweetness of brown sugar and the brew is thick and oily. It lacks acidity.

Tips :

Blend this cup with any of the Filtered selection to add flavor in your espresso!

Variety : Red Catucai

Altitude : 600 to 800 masl

Origin : Sunticoppa, Karnataka

Process : Monsooned


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