Honduras Finca Yire Honey Bourbon (Single Farm)

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Finca Yire is located in the highest and coldest part of the Honduras, bordering El Salvador. It its located in Santa Elena, La Paz. This farm is owned by Juan Carlos Ventura, ranked at #26 during the 2015 COE. 

This farm is located in a small community of 15 neighbouring family in the Aguacinga. Coffee from Finca Yire is the bread and butter for this community. The neighbouring family works in the maintenance, picking and hauling and processing of the coffee.

Bourbon grows well at high altitude. With proper crop care and processing, this coffee produce a delightful cup with stacked flavour. Snr Juan always emphasize on regular weeding of his farm as well as careful selective picking.

This coffee is processed as Honey. Prior to depulp, fermentation process is carried out for 36 hours. Then it is dried on screen to a 40% humidity level, and finally moved to a solar dryer to complete the drying phase. The total process takes a between 17 to 20 days. 

This coffee has a very thick taste. The dry notes is cherry chocolate, raisin and hazel nuts. At first sip, the notes is towards cranberry, cherry and orange juice. Followed by the aroma of raisin and cocoa. It is full of flavour. 

92% of coffee production in Honduras comes from independent producers such as Snr Juan Carlos. Traditionally, these producers will pick and depulp their own coffee and sold to coyotes. This was the fastest way for producers to earn cash. Things are now changing. As specialty industry market is growing, producers like Juan Carlos began to export its coffee to the open market. 

Varietal - Bourbon

Altitude - 1800

Origin - Santa Elena, La Paz

Process - Honey