Honduras - Finca El Laurel

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This farm won the Honduran COE back in 2017. This is a same varietal as well as the same processing method. During the competition, Finca Los Laurel scored 91.81 for its Parainema varietal. Marayuma coffee was the highest bidder, along with the other Japanese coffee importer Kasai Coffee, which owns 27 Coffee Roasters. 

The owner of the farm is Oscar Daniel Ramirez. The farm is located in Las Delicias in the Department of El Paraiso. It has an altitude of 1400 masl. His family has been in coffee production for long, it all started when his father gave him half hectare land to start with coffee plantation, as business grew he re-invested his money and purchase more land to expand his farm. Now they own at least 12 hectares of land for coffee production. 

Winning the COE does not mean the subsequent you are a guaranteed winner for the year after next. Since winning the COE in 2017, Oscar Ramirez has been continously developing a better taste profile and experimenting with new process to make the Paraneima variety more exciting. 

What we have here is the washed processed of the Paraneima variety. Upon grinding the coffee, the dry fragrance is towards citrus, plum floral and caramel. At first sip, the coffee highlight the fruit notes such as oranges, grapefruits and orange peel. The flavour can be floral, with juiciness of plum with aroma of ebony.

If you never tried the Paraneima variety, give it a shot!

Varietal : Paraneima

Altitude : 1400 masl

Process : Full Washed

Origin : El Paraiso, Honduras