Guatemala Santa Monica SHB

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Guatemala is truly a unique location for coffee plantation. The average altitude through out the whole country lies at 1500 masl. Even the capital is located at 1500 masl. 

This coffee is produced by Asociación Agrícola Productores Orgánicos Xejuyú Atitlán (AAPOSA). A grouping of 156 growers that grew coffee on the foot of an active Atitlan volcano. The coffee is planted on a volcanic soil. With that, the coffee taste different from the rest of Guatemala. Most of the coffee is planted at an elevation of 1900 masl. It is higher than the average SHG coffee.

SHB is defined as Strictly Hard Bean. Hard in context of coffee is densed. In order for the coffee to be dense, it must be planted at a high altitude. SHB beans is denser than SHG beans. 

The beans is similar to the heirloom beans as far as size is concern. The taste is almost similar to Ethiopian too. These coffee are Bourbon and Cattura varietals. It is different from Bourbon from Rwanda. It is smaller and dense whereby the Rwandan bourbon has a larger volume. 

When we cup, it gives a very unique taste. After drinking a lot of Ethiopian coffee, this Santa Monica SHB coffee produce a similar notes to the Ethiopian coffee but less intense.

The cup is sweet like brown sugar, the body is like Black tea. The jasmine notes is strong too. Acidity is towards a mild grape fruit taste/very mild. It is herby too. 

A very unique cup. 

Varietal : Bourbon & Caturra

Altitude : 1900 masl

Process : Washed