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Guatemala - Santa Felisa - Scent of Flowers Geisha

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This is another coffee from the well know coffee producer, Santa Felisa. This lot is the Double Soaked African Geisha or Also known as the Scent of Flowers Geisha back in the 2019 Santa Felisa Private Auction themed as the Symphony of Flavours. 

This coffee is of the African Geisha variety which was planted at the El Paraxaj Farm. El Paraxaj is a cup winning farm which won the #1st place in the 2017 COE. 

The Farm is run by the Meneses siblings. Anabella  is an  Agronomist, Ecologies and also a Q Grader has taken the task to bring farming to the next level by creating a concept of Preciesely Agriculture at the farm by monitoring the daily activities at the farm under the "Laws of Nature". Every process at down until the lot level is controlled. His brother Antonio, focus on the commercialisation of its produced to the international markets.

Situated at the edge of the active stratovolcano, Volcan de Fuego, El Paraxaj house not only the usual varietys, there are a plenty of unique, rare and exotic coffee farmed in El Paraxaj. What we have here is the unique African Geisha that is planted at a microclimate of 1500 to 1550 masl. 

For this coffee it is process as Double Soaked Special, almost similar to the process of Kenyan washed coffee. As the Brix level reached 23, the cherries is picked and subject to an anaerobic fermentation for 18 hours. Subsequently, the cherries is depulped and dry fermented for 42 hours and washed and submerged to a second soak in a parchment for 8 hours. Finally, the coffee is then dried on the raised beds for 10 days. 

The coffee is delicate. Grind it open you could sense the aroma of apricot, lychee, floral and bergamot. At first sip, it is dominated by the taste of apricot and lychee. In the midsection, the aroma of grapefruit tea, peach, orange blossom and bergamot. The flavor is sweet and soft. 

Variety : African Gesha

Altitude : 1500 to 1550 masl

Process : Double Soaked Special

Origin : Chimaltenango


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