Guatemala Finca Rio Dorado (COE Farm)

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This Farm was placed at number 4 in the 2019 COE. For its pacamara varietal. What we have here is another exoctic pache varietal which mostly found in Guatemala. The coffee bean is small dwarf like. It is actually a natural mutation of Typica variety that causes the plan to grow smaller. The variety was discovered back in 1949. From there, the it was selected byy mass, meaning a group of individuals are selected based on their performance. This created a new generation of varietal which is planted in Guatemala and spread to other region and countries.

The farm is located in the small village Morales, municipality of Mataquescuintla, department of Jalapa. The farm has 50 hectares with coffee 98.0 hectares, pasture and has a forest of conservation, almost all the forest is a natural forest of pine, cypress, Encino, pinabete, oak, zope, guachipilin, etc.

The coffee is planted at an altitude of 2000 masl and process as natural processing.  With that, the coffee is rich in terms of flavour and aroma. The coffee has a rich after taste and we were astonished by the waternelon like sweetnes and blueberry like aroma. The macadamian nut like taste is truly memorable.

Varietal : Pache

Altitude : 2000 masl

Origin : Mataquescuintla

Process : Natural