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Gayo Highlands Specialty Grade

RM30.00 MYR

Other than being known to have beautiful scenery, Aceh also possesses specialty coffee farms, which are known as Aceh’s Gayo Coffee. Gayo coffee is one of the coffee that is popular among cafes. In Malaysia, most of the Gayo beans end up being the bang of the blend and underappreciated. On its own with the right roasting profile, the aroma and the sweetness of Gayo beans can be very lovely.

The Gayo Highlands coffee is grown on the hills of the Barisan Mountains on the western side of Sumatra, Indonesia. Grown at an altitude of 1600-1900 masl and on volcanic soils, The Gayo Highlands’s coffee farming occurs at extreme conditions as there are still active volcanoes near the farm.

The coffee is processed as a “Gilling Basah” Method. This is when wet coffee beans are dried only until 50% moisture instead of the usual 11% moisture, then hulled while it's still wet using a wet huller which 3x bigger than a normal huller as they need more friction to hull the wet parchment. After its hulled, it is re-dried on the patio without a protective coat of parchment.

Usually “Gilling Basah” coffee has more body and less acidity and sweetness. However, this Gayo Highlands coffee possesses fruity notes with a medium body and acidity. The coffee itself actually reminds you of your childhood candies and drinks. As it has a notes of Blackcurrant, light chocolate and candy sweetness. 

A game changer in the ‘Gilling Basah’ process. Truly a fine cup


Varietal : Tim-Tim & Lini-S

Region : Gayo Highlands

Process : Gilling Basah Process

Roast Profile : Medium



Easy to handle with french press - coarse ground with 1:18 ground to water ratio.

V60 Notes : Give it a try with 1:15 ground to water ratio (Medium Grind Size)

Taste Notes:

Ribena- like Blackcurrant, Light Chocolate, Citrusy like Lime, Candy Sweetness and Medium Body




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