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Indonesia - Frinsa Estate - Direct Trade Series

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Last year we brought in 2 types of coffee from the same farm, Frinsa Estate. We fell in love with the coffee and the way of business is conduct is smooth and the Farms are among few exporters that has an export permit for coffee which makes life easier for a Nano roaster like us to conduct the trade.

This year we are brought in 2 types of coffee from the same farm but planted in different location and processed differently.  They coffee are :

a) Frinsa Sacharic Honey  - planted at Weninggalih

b) Frinsa Lactic Anerobic - planted at Pengalengan

Frinsa Estate has been established since 2010. Founded by a couple Pak Wildan Mustofa and his wife Ibu Atieq. Their main coffee project started  in Weninggalih and the area grew over time. Now Frinsa Estate has 6 farms located in the Regency of Bandung. They are located in Weninggalih, Mekarwangi, Gunung Tilu, Pengalengan, Gunung Malabar and Garut.

While the majority of Indonesian producers are focusing on wet hulled processing, Pak Wildan focus on the fully washed process. Their central wetmill is located at the main farm in Weninggalih. In other words, Pak Wildan is in control of the whole process from harvest, processing and grading of the coffee.

This two process are a collaboration between Nordic Approach and Frinsa Estate. The idea is to modulate the taste and flavour of coffee which can be replicated and exported. With good results, Nordic Approach has commited to purchase these experimental lots for 2020 crop.

Frinsa Lactic is process by fermenting the coffee for 2-3. At that period of time, lactic acid is generated naturally during the anaerobic fermentation process. After the fermentation, the coffee is dried off on patios.

Frinsa Sacharic Honey on the other hand is similar to the Frinsa Lactic process. Upon fermentation, the cherry is depulped and dried of naturally on parchment. The mucilage will generate a Saccaromyces, a sugar based yeast during the drying process. Extra precaution and monitoring is required during the drying stage to ensure that the result is optimum.

Taste Notes:

Frinsa Lactic

The cup is funky and boozy. Its loaded with fruit notes and winey. Spice notes include coriander and lemongrass.

Frinsa Sacharic Honey

Very juicy and loaded with clear fruit notes. The coffee is layered has great structure. Begin with grapes, white peach and green tea. There are hints of floral. A very sweet cup

Coffee Details

a. Frinsa Lactic

Variety - Sigarar Utang, Borbor & Ateng

Altitude - 1500 masl

Process - Lactic Fermentation

Origin - Gunung Cupu


b. Frinsa Sacharic Honey

Variety - Andung Sari, Sigarar Utang, Borbor

Altitude - 1400 masl

Process - Fermented Honey Process

Origin - Weninggalih

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