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Roasting as Usual

Frinsa Estate - Borbor

RM30.00 MYR

Some of the varietals comes from outgrowers outside of the farm and processed by Frinsa Estate. But what we are offering here are two offerings of different varietals which is farmed and processed by the infamous Pak Wildan Mustofa. This is the first direct trade that we have done so far.

The processing of Frinsa coffee is truly unique. Even though it is fully washed, the coffee is fermented with small amount of lactic bacteria after pulping.

Frinsa Borbor is a classic profile. It has a smoky aroma of tobacco and acidity of red fruits. In between, you can taste dark chocolate. It is silky like peanut butter. The after taste is sweet. Something like a ripe peach and red berries. The coffee is sweet.

Varietal : Bor-bor

Altitude : 1300 - 1600 masl

Process : Full Washed

Origin : Bandung

Notes - Do check out the Ateng Super Varietal here. We recommend it for the milk based consumption.