Costa Rica Finca Sumava Geisha Natural

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Finca Sumava was founded back in 2012 by Francisco Mena and an anonymous Czech investor. The whole idea of the investment was to create a state of the art farm which will benefit a huge coffee know how with a strong financial backing. This ambitious started of in 2012 and in 4 years of operation, they won the first place for the Costa Rican COE #1 for its Ethiopian hybrid with cattura. In this offering we will not be offering that varietal. But we will be offering the blueberry bomb Geisha. 

Sumava is a model farm which uses modern technologies and new trends in ecological sustainable farming. The farm has invested huge amount on its eco-pulpers together with a discarded water retention field which is used later as a fertiliser for its coffee plants. 

The farm has a moderate incline surface which is ideal for the planting of Geisha or Hierloom type varieties. It agronomical practice include weed management using mowers and mountain microorganism (eco-pulp) produced in its own farm which is used as fertilizer.

Finca Sumava has also and exclusive access to the international bank of coffee seeds (CATIE). On the farm there are various types of different cultivars being planted such as SL28, Ethiopian Hierloom, Caturra, Villa Sarchi, Moka and many others. 

In this offerring, the Geisha is planted at 1800 masl and process as natural. In the cup, this coffee produces a ripe blueberries explosion in your mouth. It has a sweetness of peaches and strawberries lingering after the first sip. Once grounded, the coffee has an aroma of apricot, bergamot, lychee and orange blossom. The brew has a strong aroma of honey, followed by blueberry fudge with violets (aromatic). It has a super strong flavour, delicate and elegant.

Varietal : Geisha

Altitude : 1800 masl

Origin : Lourdes de Naranja 

Process : Natural