Colombia -Finca La Loma Honey

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This farm is located in the mountainous terrain and temperate climates in the Southwest of Antioquia, Finca La Loma has the perfect climate for producing excellent quality coffee. 20 hectares of 22 hectares is dedicated to coffee and the remaining parcel is utilised for livestocks.

The owner, Alfonso Guerra has been planting coffee since 1960s. This his second farm which was expurchased back in 2005. This farm has approximately 140,000 trees. His first farm is in one of our collection too, called Finca Las Mercedes which is larger than Finca La Loma.

Finca La Loma is purchased specifically for Snr Alfonso to move and focus on the specialty coffee for the international market through experimentation processing techniques and lot differentiation such as Honey process, extended fermentation and many others. The Antioquoia region is fortunate to have 2 harvest a year.

What we have here is the honey process coffee planted at an elevation of 1900 masl. Only the ripest cherries were selected and then depulped prior to being dried on raised beds until the optimum moisture is obtained. Prior to the depulping process, the cherries were fermented for 204 hours. Usually the fermentation will not take more than 72 hours, these extended process truly calibrate the taste on cup.

On the cup, the coffee is citrusy, lemon-ish with slight floral and tartness of plum. It has a long caramel after taste.

Varietal : Caturra
Altitude : 1950
Process : EF Honey
Origin: Ciudad Bolivar