Ethiopian Sidamo Morea G1

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60% of the coffee from Sidamo are washed. This region is among the wettest region in Ethiopia with an annual rainfall of 1750 to 2000 mm per year, on average, the annual rainfall in ethiopia is around 1100 mm. Source of water for this region is a plenty and most of the cooperatives here prefer to produce a washed process coffee.

This coffee is truly unique for brewers from this part of the world. Where here we consume a lot of bunga Kantan or known as the ginger flower. We consume bunga kantan in our asam pedas, laksa and our nasi kerabu. Not to say that this coffee will taste like our asam pedas or laksa, but the notes of this coffee is truly unique in its own way.

We roasted this coffee with a slightly lower than usual development time to preserve the distinctive taste. We did a couple of runs using our Ikawa and played around with the development time and we noticed that the taste is right.

The coffee brings the best of everything, it has jasmine, honey, black tea and citrus. With a long ginger flower/bunga kantan after taste.

Varietal : Hierloom

Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia

Altitude : 1750 masl

Process : Washed