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Roasting as Usual

Ethiopian Kochere Nafaso Salaqo G1

RM35.00 MYR

Finding the best Yigacheffe coffee can be challenging now days. It could be to the aging of the trees or the locals believe the over production within the Yigarcheffe could have exhausted the land within the Yigarcheffe region. How many decades has it been since Yigarcheffe became famous? Many new location has been growing its coffee quality such as Gedeb, Shakisso, Jimma, Oromia, Limmu and Kochere has been producing good quality coffee which reminded us about the good old Yigarcheffe cup.

The eyes of the world of specialty coffee has shifted its eyes particularly to location outside of Yigarcheffe in the search of a good cup. This particular bean is from Kochere. Our trader had gone through many washing station before ending up with this lot. Being an independent coffee production area, coffee from Kochere does not require to be listed on the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange unlike Yigarcheffe, Sidama and other coffee and it can be exported directly. This coffee is a direct trade between our supplier and the independent farmers in the Kochere. The pursuit to find the classic Yigarcheffe coffee has been from this lot.

We roasted this coffee at a medium-light level. After 10 days of roasting, we found that the ground coffee has a dry aroma of lychee, orange blosson and bergamot. You can really feel the orange blossom. When cup, there are so many flavours that twines together between, lemon verbena, apricot, honey and orange juice. Its acidity is like Calpis yogurt drink. Very rich and juicy.

Varietal : Hierloom

Altitude : 2000 masl

Origin: Kochere

Process : Washed


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