Ethiopian Guji Bishan Dawala G1

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This coffee is from Guji in Oromia zone. Planted in very high altitude between 2100-2300 masl. Oromia has been producing high quality coffee with distinctive notes of its own. This coffee is directly sourced by our supplier as Oromia is an independent coffee production area and does not require to sell the coffee through the Ethiopian Commodity exchange.

This coffee is a collective of independent growers of 800 families whom planted coffee at their garden. On average, each families owns about 1.5 acres of land. With decent amount of rainfall per year, this lot is processed as washed with a minor fermentation process.

This coffee is very aromatic, the dry aroma of this bean is floral fragrance and lychee sweet fragrance. The taste notes is very fruity of lychee, peach and mandrin orange. When the coffee is slightly cooler/warm the taste of oolong tea and apricot. Thic coffee is fruity, aromatic and juicy. The taste notes is stacked and structured. Give it a try!

Varietal : Hierloom

Altitude : Above average 2100-2300 masl

Origin : Guji

Process : Washed