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Roasting as Usual

Ethiopia - Zelulu Ararso – Single Variety

RM35.00 MYR
Zelulu Ararso grows coffee together with his wife Kasech Zelulu in the Wenago in Yigarcheffe. As a member of the Yigacrcheffe Coffee Farmers Union, he is able to export his coffee through the YCFU with full traceability. His coffee is processed at the nearby YCFU washing station near his farm.

What makes this coffee special is that the coffee produced at this lot is from the sub variety of the 74110 variety, a variety developed at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) as a resistant to the coffee berry disease. This variety was selected from the Illubabor variety which is commonly produced by the producers of Gesha Village in Oromia region.

Zelulu is an Ethiopian Model Farmers and have received medals in the recognition that they grow. We were quite astonished by the result in the cup as the coffee from Wenago are mainly chocolaty and heavy in body.

The dry scent can feel the aroma of peach, blueberry, grapefruit tea, lemon peel, lychee and gardenia. Enter the mouth is the main note composed of lemon custard, lemon peel, and lychee, black tea & orange peel with the aroma of bergamot and blueberry, the floral aftertaste is meticulous and long, full and elegant.

Variety : 74110
Altitude : 1950 masl
Process : Washed
Origin : Wenago