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Ethiopia Yigacheffe Sakaro (Ato Minjane's Worka Washing Station)

RM35.00 MYR

Worka Sakaro is located in the Gedeb district, close to Yighacheffe, South of Ethiopia. It is a high altitude location and most of the surrounding area lies at an altitude of about 2000 to 2200 masl.

The washing station was established by a corn farmer who managed to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a coffee exporter. The washing station was established back in mid-90s. It has been a long journey for Ato Mijane Worassa.

The Worka washing station works with 400 small holders within the area. Most grew their coffee around the slope of Mount Rudu.

Using a free settle method, the density of the beans is around 716g/l. Which is considered to be a very dense beans. Beans from high altitude are normally dense. Decoding the beans requires a certain level of planning as we do not want to roast it too long nor to short.

The total roast time is about 9 minutes. We charge it at 180c and the drying phase ended at about 145c. From there we reduce the RoR and managed to obtained around 3:45 maillard phase on 500g roast. The first crack (three pops) when the bean temperature reach 183c. As we want to unlock the fruitiness and the floral notes of the coffee we decided to use about a minute development time (around 12.1% development time ratio). 

The jasmine notes is very strong with this one. Very tea like clean cup. Strong tropical and floral notes. The acidity is towards the citric (orange/strawberry), which is considered to be very weak. The cup is solid sweet. 

Varietal : Mixed Hierloom

Altitude : 2000 - 2200 masl

Process : Full Washed

Brewing Method :

Medium coarse with a below 95c water temp. V60 skills required to not over extract the coffee.

Give it a try.

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