Ethiopia Shakisso Mormora (Washed) G1

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This is the second series of coffee from the Mormora Estate. Information on the estate can be found at the archived. The first series, we brought in the naturally process coffee and this time around we are pursuing this coffee as it was highly recommended by our coffee supplier as being one of the most floral coffee from the late 2019 harvest.

We did a multiple roasting style with this coffee. The objective of the roast was to get the best of the floral notes of this coffee. The best method was similar to what we normally do with our Kenyan beans. This is to expedite the Green to Yellow process in order to minimize the loss of moisture of the coffee. The maillard is then extended to ensure that the sugar in the coffee is balanced at the same time maintaining the acidity of the coffee. Shakisso Mormora washed coffee is well known for its pleasant lime notes which cam be found in the cup.

When the coffee is grounded, it has a strong floral aroma, rose like to be exact. At first sip the coffee is lime like. Not lemon like. It is stacked with rose like with brown sugar sweetness in the cup. As the coffee gets cooler, the cup is balanced between the aroma of Rose with a balanced notes of lime.

Coffee from Mormora estate never disappoints.

Varietal : Hierloom

Altitude : 2100 masl

Process : Washed

Origin : Shakisso, Guji