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Ethiopia - Lalesa by Alemayehu Tilahun

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We have been hearing good things about coffee that is planted and processes from Lalesa. Washed in particular. It was told that Lalesa is among the finest washed coffee producing area in Gadeo. A location where coffee are mainly planted as shade grown in Ethiopia. This wet processing mill was built and operated by Alemayehu Tilahun.

Mr Alemayehu Tilahun has built his wet mill in 2018. The idea was to process coffee from Lalesa, a small village located at the outskirt of the Harenna Forest. Harena forest is a highland forest that overlooks the Bale Mountain. It is considered to be a National Park by the Ethiopian Government. Coffee planted in this location are mainly shade grown and sits at a very high altitude between 1950 to 2100 masl.

Mr Alemayehu made his name in 2020 when he was selected as #4 for the National Winner Auction Result, (a part of the Ethiopia COE annual event). From there on, importers began to notice about his coffee. In 2021; we had to opportunity to roast this coffee.

At Lalesa, there are 2 main variety of coffee that is planted here. They are; Dega and Wolisho. Coffee from Lalesa is contributed by 470 farmers which each owns between 1 to 2 hectares of land that is used to plant coffee. Mr Alemayehu plays a major part in the coffee processing. He is very strict on the cherries delivered to his washing station and he pays a premium for the red cherries that he purchase.

This coffee is processed as washed process. First, the cherries are manually sorted and then pulped. Onced the cherries is depulped it is then graded based on the density. The parchment is then fermented for 48 hours and then it is graded again. Lower density parchment is removed. The coffee is then washed. After the washing process. The Parchment is then soaked in clean water and any floaters inside the tank is removed before. The coffee is then moved to the drying tables. The coffee is then piled up in layers which is about 2cm in height and dried for 10 to 12 days. Dried coffee is then manually sorted before it is packed and ready for export.

As a result, The dry fragrance can feel the aroma of lemon, orange peel, black tea, honey and wild ginger. One entrance is vivid lemon, citrus and orange marmalade flavor, with charming wild ginger floral fragrance, black tea and vanilla scent in the back, clean texture, fine and full flavor.

Variety : Dega & Wolisho
Altitude : 1950 to 2100 masl
Process : Washed
Origin : Lalesa, Harenna Forest

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