Ethiopia Guji Sakicha

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Guji is a well known for producing top lots coffee which consist a lot of sweetness, aromatic and berry notes. This coffee is produced in a village by the name Sakicha. Located in Guji with an altitude of 2050 to 2200 masl.
Coffee produced has a very slow maturation lavel which result into a more intense flavour and a greater clarity. This coffee is a collective of coffee produced by a smallholders from the Sakicha Village and is processed at the famed Kilenso washing station.

Sakicha is relative new growing area in Guji if compared with other district such as Shakisso, Urga, Hambela or even Bule Hora. Sakicha village is located in the North of Bule Hora.

This coffee is produced as Natural process coffee. The drying time is approximately 20 days and considered to be longer than normal. It adds consistency and cleanliness of the notes and has a softer and more delicate mouthfeel.

The dry fragrance is strawberry, blueberry, peach and floral fragrance. The entrance is also dominated by strawberry, blueberry, and peach flavors, accompanied with orange peel, orange juice flavor and sweet and sour flavor, the flavor is clean, bright and juicy.

Varietal : Hierloom
Altitude : 2050 to 2200 masl
Origin : Sakicha, Guji
Process : Natural