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Ethiopia Guji Hadeso G1

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Hadeso is a privately owned washing station that is located in Shakisso in the locality of  Guji. The washing station is named after the village where the Farm is located. This is one of many washing station that is owned by Testi Coffee, a family owned coffee exporter founded by Mr Faysel A Yonis.

The farm collects coffee from 850 small coffee growers that plant coffee organically on a small plot of land. On Average, they owned about 2-5 hectares in size. The area where the coffee is planted is located between 1900 masl to 2050 masl.

Testi Coffee business model is through a direct purchase of coffee cherry from local smallholders and process it at their many washing station. When not involve in the production of coffee directly, it is important to implement a strict quality control. At Testi Coffee, there is a Premium Cherry Selection  (PCS) to ensure that best practice are used for growing , harvesting and processing the coffee cherry. Through the program, small holders need to be accredited by Testi Coffee before they could send it to Testi’s washing station.

The coffee is processed using the natural method. Each day, these carefully handpicked are delivered to the wet mill and hand sorted prior to processing to remove unripe, overripe or damaged fruit. The coffee is then graded by weight and spread evenly on raised African beds. After a few days, when the coffee has reached the resin stage (deformed), the layer of coffee are gradually increase. The coffee is constantly turned whilst drying to ensure a consistent drying phase. Once reached its optimum moisture level, it is hulled and rested until it is ready for export.

This is must a try coffee. After grinding, the aroma consist of  bergamot, lemongrass, lemon custard and jasmine. The main notes is bergamot followed by lemon black tea at the back. It has a strong mango aroma with solid taste. The aroma is sweet and elegant!


Variety : Hierloom

Altitude : 1900 to 2050 masl

Process : Natural

Origin : Hadeso, Shakisso


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