Ethiopia - Guji Anasora Wush Wush - Anerobic Natural

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This addition is from a new washing station which was founded back in 2013. Anasora is located at 2300 masl and based in in West Arsi. Coffee sent here are from among the highest altitude in all of Ethiopia. At the begining, most of the coffee process hear are processed as Washed. This washing station is owned by Israel Degfa.

In 2019, A collaboration began between Nordic Approach and Anasora. That marks the beginning of the experimental and natural process at the Anasora farm. Sameon Abay, a very famous coffee processor was a appointed by Nordic Approach as the Product & Quality Manager whom supervise on a daily basis for  Nordic at Anasora as well as other processing center which Nordic has a foot on.

Anasora is a privately owned plantation and has approximately 150 hectares of coffee plantation nearby the area. The wet mill was built in 2018, previously most of the coffee from Anasora is sent to a nearby washing station called Adola.

There are about thousand small holders that sent  and deliver as small quantities of cherries on a daily basis. On average, these farmers own approximately 2-3 hectares of coffee farm (above average throughout Ethiopia)

What we have here in this offering is the Wush Wush varietal planted at Anasora. Wush Wush Variety is so rare that there are not much information is known about it. It is thought to be originating from Bonga, in Southwest of Jimma. It has a similarity to the Gesha varietal but it has a more pronounced body than Gesha.

This special fermentation process is monitored by Sameon Abay. Only the ripest cherry is picked and carefully fermented for 72 hours. The coffee is then soaked in water for 16 hours before being dried on raised bed. This proocess requires an extensive  monitoring during the drying stage. Any damaged cherry and moldy cherry is remove during the drying process. Upon drying, the coffee is then sent for milling and hand sorted before being packed for export.

As a result, Grind it into a strong and tangy aroma of rum, grapes, berries and cantaloupe. One entrance is filled with solid rum, Grape and wine-stained cherries are the main notes, with strawberry, peach, cantaloupe and floral aromas in the middle, with rum grapes at the end. It has strong flavor, complex and varied layers.

Varietal : Wush Wush
Altitude : 2300 masl
Process : Anaerobic Natural
Origin : West Arsi, Guji

*this coffee is sourced from Nordic Approach